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5 Lessons My Toddler Teaches Me About God Every Single Day

Guest Post by Deanne Welsh

One of the greatest lessons God has taught me over the past several months is the  power of community. None of us have all of the solutions to the issues we face in our lives, nor do we possess all of the knowledge about topics that have the ability to change and enrich our lives, but when we work together in community, we can make great strides towards growing into the people God would have us to be. I am blessed to say that Deanne Welsh is an integral part of both my writing and parenting communities. She is a tremendous source of knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration. I want to personally thank her for sharing this powerful post. Enjoy!

I call it his dictator power.

He knows what he wants and declares it loudly and boldly. If he is met with opposition, he digs in and demands, cries and forces his way forward. He is an unstoppable force.

I do my best to stand strong, reminding myself that I am the mother and thus in charge. Reminding myself to be gentle, he is little even though his willpower is not.

At night I fall into bed, exhausted by the constant battery of demands having repeated the mantra in my mind, “stay strong, stay consistent” hundreds of times along with, “it’s not personal, take a deep breath.”

I hope my attempts at consistency are enough to raise my child.

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Slow Down and Count Your Blessings

A Chance Encounter

I barreled through the parking lot with a shopping cart full of groceries and my three children in tow. Though I was glad to escape the huddled masses inside our local Wal-Mart, I was eager to get everything loaded up so I could get back home. I hurriedly opened the back of my SUV, only to find it filled with backpacks and book bags. I sighed and quickly tried to devise a plan for getting all of my groceries into my vehicle.

As I frantically began stashing bags here and there, I suddenly noticed an older lady sitting in the van facing us. She sat quietly watching all of the commotion. There really was no expression on her face, but as she sat almost transfixed, I began to see a little twinkle in her eyes. She never spoke nor acknowledged that she was staring, but I felt like those sparkling eyes of hers were telling a story all their own.

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The Greatest Gift

The Christmas Gift

This past Christmas my husband and I decided that instead of giving our children several small gifts, we would buy them a Nintendo Switch. Even though this was a gift our children would share, it was still quite a financial investment for us. So, you can imagine how I felt when my son came home this week declaring that his friends really wished we would have gotten him an Xbox One instead of the Nintendo Switch.

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Building a Solid Foundation

The Importance of a Solid Foundation

I think most people would agree that the most important part of any house is the foundation. Though it is not readily on display like other parts of the house, it is literally what supports and holds the rest of the house together. If the foundation begins to shift and crack, so do the other parts of the house, sometimes to the point of becoming unstable. This same principle applies to our families. If we do not build on a stable foundation, our families become unstable and eventually fall apart.

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Technology and Our Families with Dr. Kathy Koch

An Interview with Dr. Kathy Koch

I was first introduced to Dr. Kathy Koch when I heard her speak on the topic of “Teens, the Screen, and Your Family” at the Axis Parenting Teens Summit. As I listened to her share difficult truths and practical, common sense solutions, I knew she was someone who would be a valuable resource for families. Several months later, I was overjoyed to learned that not only was I going to have the opportunity to hear her speak in person, but that she was also going to be kind and generous enough to sit down with me for an interview.

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Last House Standing: Building an Enduring Legacy

Strong Foundation

Last House Standing

The Power of an Image

A few Sundays ago, our children’s pastor Nichole Sims shared this breathtaking image as part of her message to the congregation.

Exciting News for 2018

I hope 2018 is off to a great start for you and your family!

God really began opening some doors for me at the end of 2017, and those opportunities have led to some incredible plans for 2018 that I would like to share with you.

First, my Dawn Benson Jones – Faith & Family website officially launched last month. 

Beginning Saturday, January 13th I will be sharing my new devotional series Last House Standing. Each weekend a new devotional in the series will be posted on the website. However, I would strongly suggest signing up to receive the devotionals delivered straight to your inbox each week so you don’t miss a thing. For your convenience, I have included a sign-up form below:

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Life Lessons from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Today’s post is extra special because my children and I have collaborated to bring you the life lessons we all learned from watching our church’s production of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever last night. As you read through this, we hope at least one of these lessons will touch your heart and make a difference in your life.

Lesson #1:  We should love God and everyone God created.

The Herdmans seemed like a pretty unlovable bunch, but the love and kindness of the Bradley family made a big difference in their lives. This reminds us of Matthew 22:37-40, which says:

Jesus replied: ” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”

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The Importance of Healthy Roots

The Power of the Root

The poor humble root may not be much to look at. However, it is literally the foundation and lifeblood of the entire plant. A plant’s root system nourishes it, anchors it, and stores food to ensure its very survival. Without a healthy root system, the plant will begin to wither and eventually die.

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5 Ways to Cultivate Healthy Roots

If we are to grow and thrive spiritually, we must take time to cultivate our spiritual roots by implementing the following practices:

Spend Time in Prayer.  

Nothing is more nourishing for our spiritual roots than spending time alone with God in prayer. In fact, Psalm 46:10 commands us: “Be still and know that I am God.” It’s in these quiet moments of solitude and mediation that our roots not only grow stronger, but also deeper.

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