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Hammer and Nail

I am pleased to share this special guest post by my friend and United States Marine Corps Veteran, John C. Gyorki. You will see that John has a gift of infusing wisdom and truth into entertaining stories of days gone by.

His post is especially timely as we prepare to observe Memorial Day. Tomorrow as we reflect on the sacrifices made by those who have proudly served our country, let us never forget about the ultimate sacrifice that was made for all of mankind. Enjoy!


My favorite tool of choice is the hammer. It’s a versatile tool used for building, shaping, or demolition. It’s not uncommon to recognize how the hammer symbolizes power and authority. You can find the image embroidered on many foreign countries’ flags.

As a young adolescent, if I heard hammers pounding in the neighborhood, that meant carpenters were building a new home. I would jump on my bike and head towards the noise until I found men cutting, hammering, and nailing. Oh, how I enjoyed the smell of fresh cut lumber. I watched the builders for hours.

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5 Lessons My Toddler Teaches Me About God Every Single Day

Guest Post by Deanne Welsh

One of the greatest lessons God has taught me over the past several months is the  power of community. None of us have all of the solutions to the issues we face in our lives, nor do we possess all of the knowledge about topics that have the ability to change and enrich our lives, but when we work together in community, we can make great strides towards growing into the people God would have us to be. I am blessed to say that Deanne Welsh is an integral part of both my writing and parenting communities. She is a tremendous source of knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration. I want to personally thank her for sharing this powerful post. Enjoy!

I call it his dictator power.

He knows what he wants and declares it loudly and boldly. If he is met with opposition, he digs in and demands, cries and forces his way forward. He is an unstoppable force.

I do my best to stand strong, reminding myself that I am the mother and thus in charge. Reminding myself to be gentle, he is little even though his willpower is not.

At night I fall into bed, exhausted by the constant battery of demands having repeated the mantra in my mind, “stay strong, stay consistent” hundreds of times along with, “it’s not personal, take a deep breath.”

I hope my attempts at consistency are enough to raise my child.

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